Managing and Leading

Research Scientists and Engineers

November 14 & 15, 2007


This two day workshop is custom designed to provide R&D team/group leaders or managers with the knowledge and skills required to manage and retain highly trained scientific/engineering professionals in the challenging environment of an R&D laboratory. Material for this workshop draws heavily on the 50 years of literature on the management of technological innovation and R&D management, and from the comments and inputs from hundreds of federal government scientists and engineers, and private sector research personnel who have participated in similar workshops over the past 30+ years.

Who Should Attend

R&D personnel in the following categories would benefit from this workshop:

  • First or second level R&D supervisors (e.g., Section Head)
  • Scientists, engineers or technologists who are being considered for promotion to supervisory positions
  • Scientists or engineers who take on temporary supervisory roles such as project leaders.

Workshop Outline

What an Effective R&D Team/Group Leader Does

  • Important Management Functions
  • Key Activities of an Effective R&D Manager/Team Leader
  • Factors that Influence an R&D Team Leader's Behaviour
  • Organizational Factors that Support Effective R&D Management

Leadership Styles that Work in the R&D Environment

  • Sources of Managerial Power
  • Overview of Leadership Styles and Their Application to R&D Personnel
  • Dealing With the Ineffective R&D Supervisor
  • Impact of Management Style on Creativity and Productivity

Improving Team Interpersonal Communication Skills

  • Reasons for Poor Communication
  • Improvement Techniques
  • Sources of Communication Difficulties in R&D
  • Avoiding Interpersonal and Intra-Organizational Communication Problems in your Organization

Effectively Managing Conflict and Change in the R&D Environment

  • Types of Conflict in the R&D Setting
  • Causes of Conflict Among R&D Personnel
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Introducing Change Effectively
  • Reasons Scientific Personnel Resist Change
  • Reducing Resistance to Change


Workshop Director: Thomas E. Clarke, M.Sc., M.B.A.

Mr. Clarke has designed and presented R&D management workshops and courses to scientific personnel from Canadian and U.S. government and industrial laboratories in the U.S. and China for over thirty years, and has been a consultant  to several Canadian government departments on R&D management and intellectual property management.


Location: CFIA Building, 1992 Agency Drive, Dartmouth

Price includes a 100+ page workshop manual


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