Science & Technology Management Bibliography 1954-2012*

bibcover.gif (7404 bytes)This extensive bibliography, now in its 11+th edition, contains complete references to over 20,000 articles, books and conference proceedings on R&D management, the management of technological innovation & entrepreneurship, science & technology policy, technology transfer, and other areas of interest to technology managers, industry/government research managers, university researchers and students. *There are some infrequent additions from journals from 2012 to 2021.






The S&T Management Bibliography is arranged in thirty-nine chapters by subject area:


Introduction - Journals Reviewed

  1. Transition from Scientist/Engineer to Manager
  2. Motivation and Effective Management of R&D Personnel
  3. Rewarding R&D Personnel and Inventors
  4. Management of Teams for R&D and New Product Development
  5. Relationship Between Age of Technical Personnel and Productivity
  6. Role and Activities of the R&D Manager/Leader
  7. Personnel Activities Associated with R&D
  8. Organizing the R&D/Innovation Activity
  9. Project Managers, Matrix and Project Management
  10. Planning, Scheduling and Controlling R&D Projects
  11. Idea Generation, and R&D Project Evaluation and Selection
  12. Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs, Small High-Tech Firms and Venture Management
  13. Communication and Knowledge Management in R&D
  14. Technology Transfer
  15. Technology Transfer to Developing Nations
  16. Technology Adoption and Diffusion
  17. Intellectual Property Management (Patents and Licensing)
  18. University-Industry Technology Interactions
  19. Intercorporate/International R&D Partnerships, Collaborations and Alliances
  20. Corporate Science and Technology Strategy
  21. Accounting and Budgeting of R&D Expenditures
  22. Resource Allocation
  23. Development and Marketing of New Technology Based Products/Processes and Services
  24. Technological Innovation
  25. Management of Science and Technology in China
  26. Management of Science and Technology in Japan
  27. Economic Studies of R&D and Technological Innovation
  28. Measuring and Improving Individual, Organizational and National S&T Performance and Productivity
  29. Management of R&D in Government Laboratories
  30. Management of R&D in a University Facility or Research Institute
  31. Technology Assessment
  32. Technological Forecasting
  33. R&D Contract Management
  34. Government Policies and Programs in Support of Technological Innovation
  35. Effects of Regulation on Technological Innovation
  36. Unionization of Scientists and Engineers
  37. Conflicts of Interest, and Ethical Considerations in R&D
  38. Women in Engineering and Science
  39. Digitization and the R&D Environment
  40. Books and Reports on R&D/Innovation Management Topics


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