Science and Technology
Management Bibliography - 1954-2010

This Bibliography is the ninth edition in a series of bibliographies produced over the past 29 years. It contains references to articles, books, conference papers and reports on the management of technological innovation and technical entrepreneurship. Earlier editions had the title "R&D Management Bibliography". This edition contains over 14,000 references.

Since publication of the early editions, there has been an increase not only in the number of papers and books on the management of science and technology (S&T), but also in the number of journals dedicated to this field. Among the dedicated journals covered in this bibliography are Research-Technology Management, Technovation, R&D Management, Research Policy, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, Journal of Product Innovation Management, International Journal of Technology Management, Les Nouvelles, SRA Journal, Journal of Technology Transfer, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, IDEA: Journal of Law and Technology, Futures, Journal of Engineering and Technology Management, Innovation, Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Science and Public Policy, Technology in Society, Long Range Planning, STI Review, High Technology Law Journal, and Rutgers Computer and Technology Journal.

In addition, S&T articles appear in general management journals. General journal covered in the Bibliography include the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Journal of Business Venturing, Administrative Science Quarterly, The Business Quarterly, The Strategic Management Journal, European Journal of Marketing, SAM Advanced Management Journal, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Industrial Organization, European Management Journal, California Management Review, ChemTech, Sloan Management Review, Journal of Small Business Management, Business Horizons, Compensation and Benefits Review, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Journal of Marketing, International Journal of Vehicle Design, Project Management Journal, Management Science, Economics Letters, The American Economic Review, The Economic Journal, and the RAND Journal of Economics.

This Bibliography will assist university researchers and students working in this vitally important field, as well as research managers interested in learning about the experiences of other managers who have been involved in the challenging process of moving an idea from the concept stage to an end product or process.

This Bibliography will also help government personnel involved in creating an economic environment that supports wealth creation through technological innovation and technical entrepreneurship.

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