Managing in an R&D Environment


These two day workshops are indended to provide managers with the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage, motivate and retain highly trained professionals in a scientific, regulatory, R&D/laboratory environment. The content is directed towards those who currently supervise technical personnel, a well as those who take on supervisory duties on a temporary basis, or are being considred for promotion to an R&D supervisory position. This workshop draws heavily on over 50 years of literature on the management of R&D personnel and creativity.

Phase I - June 8-9, 2006

Phase I Workshop Outline

What an Effective R&D Team/Group Leader Does

Effectively Motivating Your R&D Team to be Creative and Productive

Growing a Creative and Innovative Work Environment

Improving Performance Management in the R&D Setting


Phase II - June 12-13, 2006

Phase II Workshop Outline

Leadership Styles that Work in the R&D Environment

Sources of Managerial Power
Effective Leadership Styles
Dealing with Ineffective R&D Supervisors
Impact of Leadership Style on Creativity and Productivity

Managing an R&D Team

Selecting Team Members
Organizing the Team
Rewarding/motivating the R&D Team
Organizational Actions that Support or Inhibit the Team's Effectiveness
Characteristics of Effective and Ineffective R&D Teams

Effective Management of Conflict and Change in R&D

The Benefits of Moderate Conflict
The Conflict Cycle
Causes of Interpersonal Conflict Between Scientists and Others
Resolving Conflict Among Scientists
Change as a Source of Conflict
Types of Change that Cause the Greatest Conflict in R&D
Reducing Resistance to Change
Introducing Change in the R&D Environment

Effectively Managing Time, Delegation and Meetings

Identifying Time Wasting Activities in R&D
Avoiding Time Wasting Habits
Delegating Work Assignments Effectively
Practical Guides for Holding Productive Meetings


Please Note: Each Phase is a Separate Workshop.


For information about fees and registration please contact:

Mindy Yin, General Manager

Grand Carson Communication

Date: June 8-9, 2006

Location: Courtyard by Mariot, Pudong, Shanhai, China

Workshop Director: Thomas E. Clarke, M.Sc., M.B.A.

Mr. Clarke has designed and presented R&D management workshops and courses to scientific personnel in government and industrial laboratories for twenty-seven years, and has been a consultant  to several government departments and private sector firms on R&D management, and intellectual property management.

Participants receive a 100+ page workshop manual.


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