S&T Management Consulting Services

Clarke -Reavley Consultants Limited specializes in studies on:

  • Auditing Technological Innovation Policy or Programs
  • Technology Transfer from Government/University to Industry
  • Management Training Programs for Scientists and Engineers.

Examples of Consulting Projects Include:

Determination of whether present internal Canadian government IP policies, rules and practices support or hinder technology transfer or S&T collaboration between government SBDAs and the private or academic sectors (Industry Canada and N.R.C., May, 2008

Development of an "R&D Management Self-Assessment Tool" for the National Research Council, July, 2005 (in cooperation with Hickling, Arthurs, Low)

A Literature Review of the "Practices Employed by Science-based Organizations to Determine the Salary, Compensation and Promotion, and Career Paths of Research Scientists", Environment Canada, February, 2003

Study of the "Economic and Quality of Life Impacts of Research and Other Projects Conducted by the Mineral Technology Branch (MTB) of CANMET", Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, July, 2002

Identification of the "Organizational Structure and Practices Used in the Management of Intellectual Property in Science-Based Organization with Geographically Separated Research Centres", Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the National Research Council, Ottawa, June, 2001

Review of "Support and Encouragement of Technology Transfer in Publicly Funded R&D Institutions in Selected Countries", Federal Partners in Technology Transfer, Ottawa, March, 2001

Preparation and delivery of prototype workshop, and associated materials dealing with "Ownership of IP Resulting from Government Procurement Contracts" and Environment Canada's proposed "IP Rewards Policy", Environment Canada, Ottawa, February, 2001

Determination of the "Impact of Canada's Patent System on the Growth of the Biotechnology Industry in Canada", Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee, Ottawa, January, 2001

International Comparison of Forest Sector S&T Funding and Management in Canada, the U.S., Sweden and Brazil, Canadian Forest Service, NRCan, Ottawa, July 1999

Identification of how the Health Protection Branch of Health Canada can expand its technology transfer activities, Health Canada, Ottawa, June, 1999

Identification of Opportunities and Barriers to Marketing Products and Services of the Science Branch of the Maritime Region of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, Moncton, July 1998

Preparation and Presentation of a Customized Workshop on the Commercialization of Intellectual Property from Government Laboratories, Environment Canada, Ottawa, February 1998

Preparation of a Draft Intellectual Property Policy for the R&D Branch of the Department of National Defence, DND, Ottawa, April, 1997

Review of R&D Management Literature Concerned with Technology Transfer Between Government Laboratories and Industry, Industry Canada, Ottawa, August, 1996

Review of R&D Management Literature Concerned with Technology Transfer Between Government Laboratories and Industry, Industry Canada, Ottawa, March, 1996

Review of the Opportunity Match Service on Trans-Forum, Industry Canada, Ottawa, March, 1996

Review of Award Plan for Inventors and Innovators, Environment Canada, Ottawa, December, 1995

Determination of the Status of the Federal Government Policy on Ownership of Intellectual Property Arising from R&D Contracts, Industry Canada, Ottawa, November, 1995

Audit of the Management of Scientific Personnel in Federal Research Establishments. Report of the Auditor General of Canada to the House of Commons, Ottawa, September, 1994, Chapter 11, Vol. 6. (Member of auditing team)

Review of R&D Management Practices in Selected Laboratories in Canada and Abroad, Natural Resources Canada, Ottawa, April, 1991

Study of the Reasons For and the Impact of the Recent Decline in Enrolment in the Technology Programs in the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario, Ministry of Colleges and Universities, Toronto, May, 1989

Review of the State and Organization of Basic Research in Ontario, Government of Ontario, Toronto, December 1987


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