Group Leader, National Research Council

I am very pleased attending this training course, really enjoyed and found it very valuable to me. The most important point is that I can apply some of the management approaches I have just learned to deal with some current problems within my Group. I have strongly recommended this workshop to my senior management to say that they should send more lower level R&D managers like me to take this training course. (2018)

Program Manager, Natural Resources Canada

It was very insightful and interesting. (2018)

Research Scientist, Natural Resources Canada

The workshop was useful to me. The training material makes a good hand book to look up from time to time. I hope to apply some of what I learnt in my work. (2018)

Post-Doctoral Workshop Participant, MITACS, Inc.

...your course was useful to me, especially in highlighting some of the differences between R&D management and the more 'general' management. One of the most important learning points was the existence of R&D management as a field of study that we can draw upon. (2014)


Director, National Research Council

I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your course entitled "Motivation and Leadership of Scientists and Engineers". As you are aware, four group leaders from the Institute also attended your course and I have canvassed them for their opinions. Without exception, they felt they had benefitted greatly from the course and would be modifying their individual management styles by applying principles and practices presented on the course.

Director, Health Canada

Several of our staff, including myself, have participated in Stargate courses and found them very useful to apply in resolving management or supervisory problems.

A/Director, Natural Resources Canada

Feedback from last week's workshop on "Effective Management of Technical and Scientific Staff" is all extremely positive. In fact, I've not heard such positive feedback on a course of this type over the past decade. Attendees are suggesting that it should be made more widely available to our staff.

Senior Manager, R&D Branch, D.N.D.

The feedback that I have received from the five DND Defence Scientists who attended your recent course "Motivation and Leadership of Scientists and Engineers" has been very positive. Indeed, the recommendation is that as many of our Defence Scientists as possible should be afforded the opportunity of taking the course.

Course Participant, Canadian Forest Service

The consensus of the class, which was composed of actual and prospective first level supervisors in the R&D field and/or government establishments (e.g., R.C.M.P., Geological Survey Branch of the Gov. of B.C., Defence Research Establishment Pacific, Geological Survey of Canada, McMillan Bloedel and Macdonald Dettwiler) was that it contained much more in subject matter and practical information than had been anticipated. This was described as a "first course" in R&D management and at that level I believe it would supply a strong base for any type of training contemplated in our laboratory.

Human Resources Officer, Natural Resources Canada

The feedback I have received from your recent Motivation and Leadership course was positive. Participants found the course to be both informative and useful.

Senior Manager, Natural Resources Canada/G.S.C.

I would like to express my sincere thanks for your insightful presentation [of Developing and Managing R&D Teams] which resonated strongly with myself in my newly acquired role as a research manager. ... the course was very worthwhile and I enjoyed participating. I recommend it to any potential R&D manager.

Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada

The course [Developing and Managing R&D Teams] was truly excellent and touched upon a wide variety of management issues as they relate to R&D and S&T. Mr. Clarke was superbly prepared and entertaining. I quite honestly never thought I would enjoy a three-day management course. Mr. Clarke proved me wrong, dead wrong.

Section Head, Environment Canada

I thought the course was useful and provided insight to various real-life scenarios that we have either faced or could possibly face at some point in our careers.

Research Manager, Environment Canada

The workshop was very good for the following reasons: focus was on managing R&D teams, Tom's past employment with governent was an asset, and Tom did a good job of moving people around so that everyone got to meet other government employees.

Research Scientist, National Research Council

I found that the instructor was very experienced with R&D management. I was pleasantly surprised that this type of workshop held my attention for the full three days. The course gave a good rounded overview and the instructor made the participants see both sides of each situation. It also helped to get a complete copy of the instructor's lecture notes.

Research Scientist, Environment Canada

I found the workshop very useful. I was able to learn a great deal from listening to the problems/situations that the other more experienced members (of the workshop) had encountered. I'd recommend this workshop to anyone who's either in management or considering going into management.

Research Manager, Private Sector Chemical Company

Thanks for a very good couple of days. I really learned a lot- particularly regarding motivation and the ways to effectively delegate.

Research Officers, National Research Council

I really enjoyed the course - lots of food for thought.

Excellent course, I learned a lot that I hope I can apply.

Research Section Head, Environment Canada

Thank you again for the course, it was really very informative and I had a great time with the group tasks.

Program Director, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The course is without question the best one I have taken for managing people.

Division Group Leader, Chinese Chemical Company

The course has increased my sensitivity to a number of key areas in the management of creative people.

R&D Manager, Chinese Photographic Company

Thanks for the excellent course in China. I wish to attend more courses from you in the future

Senior Manager, Natural Resources Canada

Tom, I really enjoyed the training that you provided for us in Ottawa in October.

R&D Manager, Chinese Automotive Design Company

I really enjoyed your course during these two days. The materials and the concepts you provided us in the course is very helpful to my management work.

Vice President, Chinese Technology Institute

I am very pleased attending the workhop and found it valuable. I am surprised by your rich experience in R&D management. I believe everyone in the class ws impressed by your presentation style, your complete handout and extra reading materials, including your website. The most important point is that I will apply some of the management approaches I have just learned to my work.

Human Resources Advisor, Natural Resources Canada

We have put many people through the Stargate course and will continue to use it when we need to. The course is excellent... Our last course was in December, 2005. Tom Clarke has developed a sophisticated product built on more than 20 years of study in this area. Not all of our scientists were thrilled about going, but they were delighted with the result. I highly recommend this course, on behalf of all those here who took it. Our mentorship program here in our Branch uses the course binder as a basis for discussion of various management issues in a science environment.

Basically, you can't go wrong with this course.

Manager, Chinese Bio-tech Company

I have been looking for years for a management course specific to the R&D environment and yours is the first I have found. The seminar content was exactly what I was looking for and I especially enjoyed the interaction with the other course partipants.

R&D Supervisor, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

I want to thank you (her manager) for the opportunity to take this course in February. ... this course focussed directly on working with scientists an even some emphasis on scientists in government. This was the part I found most valuable - what makes the scientific personality different and what are the rewards valued by scientists such as recognition and conferences. There was a good section on new managers and the balance between technical expertise and management - managers have to let go of the technical side. I also found valuable, exercises on communicating in virtual teams as I have to deal with this.

I would recommend this course for our managers.

Project Engineer, Chinese Electronics Company

I would like to congratulate you for the training you conducted last June 11 and 12 (2007) on leadership in the R&D environment. The training opened my mind on the things I need to learn and adapt to be an effective leader.

Acting Director, Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Thanks again for a great course (Managing and Leading Research Scientists and Engineers).

R&D Director, Semi-conductor Equipment Manufacturer, China

Thanks for providing such a comprehensive and practical training. I really enjoyed it.

Project Manager, Communications Manufacturer, China

Thanks for the effort, I really enjoyed the workshop.


Research Manager, Electric Devices Company, China

Many thanks for your workshop in Shanghai; it is very useful for daily R&D management activities.


Research Manager, National Research Council, Canada

I attended 2-3 of your courses many years ago, and I still benefit from what I learned, and I am just frustrated that not more people took these courses.


Managers of Special R&D Management Course for Chinese Scientists Interning in Federal Government Laboratories

Thank you for the fine management course in Research and Development.

Congratulations on an excellent course.